“WHAT ARE WE DOING?: Child still away from education…..?”

the indian child

ये है....हमारा भारत

India has many N.G.Os, many societies and many associations who are doing work on child education and often claim to do deep work on such big problem of our Indian society today. If we go toward main fact of such big problem then I would say that actors always do good acting in their film because it is profession of them but today the all limitations are broken by such N.G.Os, Societies, and Associations etc because they are doing acting in their real life better than good actors to show their work good in the eyes of govt, they defeating best actors by doing acting in real life and they have forgotten their actual responsibilities. They don’t know that what the actual work is……………?
By this, I want say only this that listen my “brothers” (Indians) please….. Think different on such matters. Don’t take it as a business, leave it …………it is too much, it can destroy the India or country, don’t throw the dust in the eyes of our Indian govt…    India has NGOs, associations, etc for help to educate to uneducated child than but yet why are the Children without education….? why are such  questions surrounding on today’s Indian society?
Such N.G.Os and societies and etc have changed the meaning of the today’s business.
It is well known that India has more lakhpaties than corerpaties but with it cororpatis are also increasing in india day by day and year by year. Every Indian have known that in India, lots of “lackpatis”.. here if we say that even each lackpati from India take such little responsibility to educate at least one child then I would say with strong confedence that at least 20% uneducated child will be educate properly and one day will be such that India’s every sector will be at high level.

Govt.’s departments Role : According to “Denikbhaskar hindi news paper’s report:… ” 94 lack rupees has been spent only on breakfast by “central health ministry of India” in last two years ( 2009–2010) which is eight times higher than departmen of Prim minster’s expenditure, 41.42 lack rupees has been spent by “Rural devolopment munistry” in last two years” if we say that even few amount of money from that 94 lack or 41. 42 would have spent to increase child education then I would say with confidence that at least 10% uneducated child would have educated definitely.
“At the last, I would like to say that sir if any person or officer in our Indian C.B.Ior any other department who thinks different and purely for our India than I request u sir, please take a immediate action and setup an inquiry on this, I will be very greatfull to you sir……………………………………………………………………….!


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