An Ittaffak Ajeeb just a day before Christmas: Really based on my own experience

I was on the way in Metro to reach my home…

I took out a book from my bag & began to read…

to make my spare time valuable.

Suddenly I heard a voice that “Are you a student?”

I turned my head in front seat & left side..

but that voice did not came from there…

again that question came to me.. I heard that..

I suddenly turned my eyes to right side of me..

then I was pulled out from puzzlement…

and saw that A person who is at the age of 50-55 years …

was actually asking that question..

“ohhhh!” I took long breath…

“yes.. I am a student” ‘I replied to that person.

he gave me his short intro that ‘he is a teacher in a church..

after short time that person advised to me although I had not demand : “son.. whatever you do… don’t do in the future without permission of “God” (In advise sense)..

than I turned my head to different side and returned that

He had gone.. perhaps invisible or not.. I did not know…

perhaps He had got off to his destination…

( But now I have a question: What was that? & Why?)


Anil Kumar


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