A short story by Anil Kumar


A Coincidence just a day before Christmas

One day… I was coming back to my home from college. I was in a metro  and  on the way to reach to my  house.  I felt bored and took a book and began to read to make my time valuable.  As I had deeply entered in the world of story because that was a social and encourageable novel, written by Subroto  Bagchi  “GO kiss the world”.  Suddenly I heard a voice that: “are you a student?”. I turned my  head  to  front seat & left side to see the asker, but that voice did not come from there  and  went into puzzle.  Again, that question came to me, I heard that.  I turned my eyes to right side of me and saw that a person  at the age of nearly 50 to 55 years, then I was pulled out from puzzle, was actually asking that question.  “Ohhhf!” ‘I took long breath.

Thinking became analytical

“Yes, I am a student “I replied that person, using soft voice.

He gave me his short intro that: I am a teacher in a church.

After  a  short  time that person  wisely advised me: “son whatever you do, don’t do ever without the permission of god “

I thought on this advice and said: “sir, may be you are right but in the sense of mine, everything which is done in the daily life… always is permitted by god”

After  that  conversation , I turned my  head in different side and returned that, He had gone… invisible or not I did not know  but perhaps he had got off  to his destination.

Whatever  was  happening  during communication  with that person but that was a great experience because, He gave me the thinking and he had put a question  in to my mind that developed  my  analytical thinking.  Hence, that sudden incident of life had proved in front of mine that “life is a learning process”

(Published in Shri Aurobindo College Magazine: “Aditi”)


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